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The building contractor for listed buildings repair and extensions

When it comes to managing or extending listed buildings it can pay to have a contractor with experience in working with old buildings. The additional regulations imposed by listing are best handled by a firm with specialist knowhow to ensure compliance – without incurring additional time or costs onto the build.

Listing (either grade 1 or 2) can place restrictions onto what changes or development is allowed for any particular building. This means that when you are carrying out building work or repairs you need to know what is or isn’t permitted, and knowledge of traditional methods of work.

Major building projects such as extensions or roofing renewal need a good understanding of the restrictions of building listing, but so do smaller jobs: guttering, windows, and even interior work-depending on the listing grade.

Why choose J G Molloy for your listed building project?

We have the experience of dealing with work on all kinds of listed buildings that you need for your job. Previous clients have included:

  • Churches: we have worked on many churches, including renewal of lead work and building extensions,
  • Schools and hospitals: many municipal buildings are Victorian or older and are listed – we can work around both the requirements of the regulator, and the needs of the NHS or LA body occupying the property,
  • Homes: most areas of the UK include a mixed range of housing stock and of that a significant proportion is at least grade 2 listed. If you have concerns about work needed on your listed property, why not get in touch with us – we offer domestic as well as commercial and statutory work.
  • Apartments: as many more inter-war or mid-century modern properties find their way onto the listing books, we are here to help with repair and renewal for your apartment complex. We can work with property developers or private landlords.
  • Barn & Farmhouse Conversions: having converted numerous redundant buildings in to new homes from completely demolishing and carefully rebuilding to sympathetic restoration, we have the experience and knowledge to undertake the most complex of conversions.


We have an excellent track record of delivering contracts of varying types and sizes for a wide range of organisations.

Well Established

As a long established company, we have an extensive list of satisfied clients in Coventry and Warwickshire.


We deal in all construction sectors without incurring additional time or costs thus making the build affordable.

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